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You think that service content delivery networks unnecessarily expensive? Collect your own mini-CDN focused on the distribution of the video!

Content delivery system is designed for quick delivery of data to large number of users. When you missing one server port, or if traffic upgrades are more expensive than new server - our CDN comes to help you . With it, you can combine a server with a different channel, connect and disconnect additional servers depending on the load when your primary server can't handle. You minimaliziruete your charges for traffic and increase the speed of data delivery to the growing number of your users. In this case, you will still load your content to the site as before, changes on the site to activate CDN are minimal.

Q: What is CDNer?
A: CDNer is name of our creation that is intended for distribution of streaming video, in particular for online cinemas . We didn't implement all the features of "big" CDN networks and focused on simplicity, efficiency and lower cost for a particular case as the distribution of large amounts of video content.
Q: When it makes sense to connect CDNer?
A: When you don't have enough ports speed per server.
Q: Can I use serversm with different bandwidth?
A: Yes, for example, you can combine 2x10G and 5x1G to get 25Gbit of bandwidth.
Q: Which server would you recommend for cdner?
A: Servers with 1Gbit / 10Gbit unmetered bandwidth, located as close as it possible to the users. For streaming to LPG interesting variants you can find here
10Gbit Unmetered
Q: What's price of CDNer?
A: We install, configure and maintain complex CDNer for free when you using our servers with basic administration.

Interested? Open ticket and we will offer the best option for your project.

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