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ownCDN - Your Private CDN

The scalable CDN on your servers

Our brand new CDN solution is a suit of software which contains a complex of our geoCDN itself, the player, the converter.
Since the system is modular, the infrastructure can be located on the customer's servers that are administered only by our specialists that reduce the cost of service for the customer.
Content stored on fault-tolerant distributed storage
Push and pool zones.
Push zone is a dedicated FTP, where you can download the files that will distributed with CDN.
Pool zone - traffic passing through the CDN, caches static from your domain.
Possibility to connect your server as a separate nodes or as an addition to our CDN.
Stats of codes and traffic.
Geo-distributed system.
Our own solution with customization
Generating of playlists*
The ability to embed advertising
Embed break bumpers
It works on all devices (including mobile)
In application of our integrated solution you get:
File conversion at your choice (formats, break bumpers, bitrate, etc.)
Creating presets
Mass sending a groups of files to convert
Automatic generation of links for a playlist*
Already converted content management
The ability to create cuts of the film (as a preview)
Interested? Please create a ticket and we will be pleased to help you.