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First of all, please note that the main means of communication with customers is Ticket system.
That means that before you try to contact us in another way, you must open a ticket and report its number when communicating with our employees in other ways, if the need arises.
This is not a whim. Tickets solve the following problems:
1. Confirmation of the legitimacy of the request , because only authorized client can open a ticket and only for their own services.
2. The duty support staff constantly monitors tickets and you do not have to try to guess who is in shift and is ICQ properly works properly (it's well known that there are regular problems with ICQ)
3. Due to the fact that ICQ logs from time to time becomes available on the public, we are categorically against the transfer of any passwords by ICQ and prohibit our employees to do it.
4. There is a possibility to check if the message is deliveredbecause all the recording in the ticket. Besides, ICQ regularly lose messages that are sent to offline or instable communication channel.
5. The system records date and time of messages that may be necessary for the subsequent conflict resolution

Also, this is the official list and if you will be contacted by someone not from this list, introducing oneself as our staff, please immediately report it to us.

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ICQ Skype Jabber/GTalk
RoSem 147362966
kit 388216124
Support (Анна) 676682248 annavskr_amhost
SlavaS 631871915 slavas.amhost
Nicolas 665769016 Nicolas_amhost
irina 653257789 irina.amhost
maks1m 665210367 maks1m.amhost
zsa 266466457
voron 176147819
deman 648876256
luk 612436484
fiery 603853828
eastern 75500577
avalon 133367046
maxn 434076387
excalibur 491565834


From 9:00 to 16:00 (Moscow time) except Sat. and Sun.

Geneva Place
Waterfront Drive
PO Box 3469, Road Town
British Virgin Islands

Europa Enterprise LP
45 Rosehaugh Road,Inverness,
Inverness-shire, IV3 8SW, Scotland, UK,
Reg.№ SL019956

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