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Hosting Plans 12+12

Because of interest of customers, we expanding the geography of our shared hosting
and introduce new tariff plans 12+12.
you get 24 web hosting accounts on different servers in different countries for the price of twelve!

All 24 accounts are on different servers in different data centers, they will have different IPs and owners of these IP will be also different. You can pick up different regions and countries. Webmasters, appreciative in the relink be able to appreciate the benefits of this package and extract a maximum of benefit from it.
For the uninitiated clarified. As everyone knows, the search engines take into account, on what IPs placed links to your resources. If IPs of all links are in the same region and have the same owner, the effect of such relink will be significantly lower.
In addition to our NS that are issued together with other data of accounts, you can use the child NS on the same IPs.
Each server that participates in the program, has a minimum of 5 IP, and that means, that you can order multiple accounts so that IPs will not recur.

Also available packages: 2+2, 4+4, 6+6 , 8+8
Limits for each of the 24 accounts listed below.
Package Price Bandwidth (per account) Storage (per account) Add. transfer Domains (per account) Subdomains (per account) MySQL (per account) Mailboxes (per account)  
12pA $59,40 240 GB 4000 MB $0,40/GB 10 25 10 3 order
12pB $119,40 480 GB 8000 MB $0,35/GB 20 50 20 5 order
12pC $239,40 960 GB 12000 MB $0,30/GB 30 75 30 unlimited order
12pD $359,40 2000 GB 16000 MB $0,25/GB 50 100 50 unlimited order

Available servers in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, China, Singapore, Australia

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