Хостинг в 105 геолокациях мира с поддержкой 24х7

Dedicated servers with 100TB bandwidth

20GB is provided for backups on our FTP server

With all servers there is a constant KVM

We offer to your attention a unique proposition: 100TB traffic servers on a dedicated gigabit ports in the United States and the Netherlands!
No restriction on streaming and CDN !!!

We provide monitoring for all servers

With basic management:

Without administation (umnanaged):

Each server has 9IP addresses, available to remote reboot.

Servers are in the US, DC Softleer, there are locations in Dallas, Washington, Seattle and Amsterdam.
Test packages:
  • Dallas http://dl.sl.st.amhost.net/
  • Washington http://wa.sl.st.amhost.net/
  • Seattle http://se.sl.st.amhost.net/
  • Amsterdam
  • Power of external channels is over 200Gbs, channel providers Global Crossing, Level3, Internap, Savvis, NTT, Qwest, Equinix, Telefonica and others

    Available upgrades:

    Upgrade to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) Unmetered +$400

    1GB RAM increments are $20

    250GB - SATA II Hard Drive $25
    500GB - SATA II Hard Drive $35
    750GB - SATA II Hard Drive $45
    1.00TB - SATA II Hard Drive $55
    2.00TB - SATA II Hard Drive $65
    3.00TB - SATA III Hard Drive $90
    4.00TB - SATA III Hard Drive $110

    73GB SA-SCSI 10K Hard Drive $35
    73GB SA-SCSI 15K Hard Drive $55
    147GB SA-SCSI 10K Hard Drive $55
    147GB SA-SCSI 15K Hard Drive $80
    300GB SA-SCSI 10K Hard Drive $80
    300GB SA-SCSI 15K Hard Drive $110
    450GB SA-SCSI 15K Hard Drive $140
    600GB SA-SCSI 15K Hard Drive $165

    32GB SSD $30
    50GB SSD $35
    64GB SSD $45
    100GB SSD $110
    200GB SSD $140
    400GB SSD $300

    HW RAID controller - $55

    Additional ethernet controller with 1Gbps uplink - $55'%}

    All prices are monthly. The cost of the upgrade accrue to the cost of the initial configuration.
    Downgrade is impossible.

    Server setup is 2-3 business days
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