Hosting in more than 40 location around the world with support 24x7

Server administration Tariff packages for administration of servers

Customer Support is provided via the ticket system. If appropriate, staff can communicate with the client in other ways (ICQ, Jabber/GTalk, Skype)

Unmanaged servers involve:

  • hardware issues
  • network issues (DC level)
  • reload without data save
  • reboot
Involvement of our experts to resolve other issues will cost $35 per hour. Minimum - 1 hour.

Servers with basic management

At present we support only Linux CentOS distributions and FreeBSD. Control Panel Setup is required. Your choice in the preparation of the server we can supply
  • commercial DirectAdmin
  • commercial ISPManager Lite
  • free Webmin+Virtualmin
Customer support is carried out via tickets, where will be conducted standard solution of technical problems, namely:
  • installation/upgrade server and client software
  • assistance, only advisory, in creating a new domain/database/cron and other things, for which there are manuals
  • Cleaning the server from the consequences of break-in.
Ivolves time-consuming not more than 2 admin's hours per month per server If the client needs more, every 2 additional hours cost $20 At this time does not include:
  • issues related to abuse (except for cleanup of servers from the consequences of break-in)
  • solving problems on the side of the DC (hardware problems, network problems)
  • addressing of critical issues such as the fall of the services or server
Development and implementation of custom solutions within the allotted time is possible without further support on request and consent of our administrator.
In the case of interference in the server operation/ server configuration and / or server software by third persons, administration of the hosting reserves the right to refuse further free basic support The transition from unmanaged to the basic management is possible only through reinstalling the OS on the server. Rejection of basic management can be not earlier than 6 months of use the server. All of the above applies only to servers ordered from us. We don't maintain third-party servers, so we ask you to refrain from such proposals.