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Web site protection

Nowadays DDoS-attacks have become commonplace, every day thousands of websites are being exposed to attack. As in the case of e-commerce and in the case of tubes and cinemas, are not rare situation when the attack ordered by owners of competitive projects. Even blogs are being attacked. All this actions aimed to disabling a resource that leading to loss of sales. Even if your resource is located on a powerful server that doesn't guarantee that it will withstand. Weak attacks can be cause of long pages loading,we have already mentioned how much loading speed effect on sales. Don't worry. We have prepared a service that will help you to protect your resource from attacks. Get acquainted, a service that combines all of the popular and proven providers of AntiDDoS services. Currently the service is running on the basis of a single provider CloudFlare, but soon will be added LeaseWeb antoDDoS service, Incapsula and others. Service is very clear and easy to use. In one click you can enable or disable:
- Cache
- SSL,
- Protection.
For each domain collecting query statistics, response codes and a map with an illustration of requests geography.
Especially for our clients, it is possible to hide the IP of a website not only by tools of AntiDDoS provider , as well as we can provide our IP addresses, which will further complicates search for real-resource address.
Also some datacenters like Leaseweb and OVH include base DDoS protection with all dedicated servers.
If you have any questions - please create a ticket and we will be pleased to help you.