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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: I don't have a purse WebMoney. Do you accept payments by WebMoney cards.
A: Yes, we accept WebMoney cards. For crediting payments by WebMoney cards, you need to open a ticket in the category Billing, specify it card number, the code and its value.

Q: I made the payment, but for some reason it is not credited to my balance. What could be the reason?
A: Crediting of payments made according to the instruction given on the link via WebMoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, and Visa / Mastercard via ePayTo, usually happens immediately. Upon payment in another way, payment shall be credited within 24 hours. If the payment has notcredited after 24 hours, please open a ticket in the category Billing, enter the full details of the payment (include the amount and date of payment, the purse from which the payment was performed), to search for your payment and crediting.

Q: Why does my server more expensive of exactly the same on your site. Is it possible to reduce the price of my server?
A: The difference in prices of existing servers and new is that the servers are ordered at different times under different contracts, so prices for the same server can be different. Reduction of prices of existing servers is possible only in very rare cases, usually price reduction may be effected by ordering and moving to a new server with the change of IP.

Q: I can't pay for the server in time, what shall I do? Can I ask for a postponement of payment, and how I can to do it?
A: Yes, you can ask for delay of payment for a few days. To do this you need to open a ticket in the category Billing, to announcethe planned date of payment. If you want to delay for a longer period (a week or two), you need to replenish the balance at least for part of the cost of the service / server as a guarantee of payment.

Q: In what ways is possible to make payment your hosting service?
A: Мы принимаем оплату различными платежными системами: ePayService - crediting payment within 24 hours WebMoney - instant crediting for payments made through the Merchant Epese - crediting payment within 24 hours. Paxum - instant crediting for payments made through the Merchant ePayments - crediting payment within 24 hours BitCoin - instant crediting for payments made through the Merchant PayPal (+5% + $ 0.3) - crediting payment within 24 hours Visa / Mastercard via ePayTo (+ 2%) - instant crediting for payments made through the Merchant If payment is made by direct payment, in a note to the payment must be specified ID of account to which you want to enter the payment or ticket number, by which the payment making. Direct payments crediting within 24 hours. Details and payment instructions you can find here

Q: I want to recharge account balance via BitCoin, but when I click on button «Pay now», the system takes me back to the tab «Services». How can I recharge the balance by BitCoin?
A: This problem can be solved in two ways: - There where you see «Pay now» also has a hash, you can use it for payment. - Try using a different browser, usually in Firefox hasn't such problem.

Q: What is the cost of overruns traffic/bandwidth on dedicated servers?
A: All datacenters The price for overruns traffic/bandwidth is different in each DC further may differ and the initial conditions. To clarify the price of traffic/bandwidth and cost overruns for the particular DC, please open a ticket in the ticketing system and our specialists will provide you with a complete and current information.

Q: What is your procedure for registration of refusal of services?
A: The terms of the services you can find on the link For registration of refusal of services you need to open a ticket in the category Cancel in compliance with the terms listed on the link above.


Q: I need a server, but can't find on your site configuration needed me. Can you configure the server configuration I needed.
A: On our website presented mostly basic configurations of servers. If you didn't find necessary to you configuration, please contact us via our ticket system, specify which configuration you are interested in which locations and we will make you the configuration and calculate its price.

Q: I have ordered a server without basic administration (unmanaged) and you gave me a server with 'naked' OS, why you haven't setup a RAID?
A: Server setup is made according to wishes of the client , that specified in column «Setup requirements:», during checkout. If you order a server without basic administration (unmanaged) and field «Setup requirements:» is not filled, the server will be issued with 'naked' OS. On servers with basic administration, RAID is required and if the customer has not specified needed RAID, our administrators set the most reliable RAID for a particular server.

Q: That includes basic administration?
A: Services included in the package of basic administration you can find on the link

Q: I ordered a server, but when I received it I realized that it isn't appropriate to me. Can I refuse it and get the money back or replace it with another server?
A: The minimum period of service provision is one month (30/31 days). Refuse the server with the moneyback is impossible, the refusal is possible on the expiration of the paid period, for it is necessary to open a ticket in the category Cancel at least 7 days before expiration of the paid period. In some cases, server can be replaced with the recalculation of payment for the unused days, if the replacement occurs at one of the servers in the section 'Rapid activation', and if the server is not cheaper to replace the current server. The possibility of replacing a particular server should be specified via our ticket system. In some cases server can be replaced with the recalculation of cost for the unused days if the replacement occurs at one of the servers in the section 'Rapid activation', and if the new server is not cheaper than the current server. The possibility of replacing a particular server should be specified via our ticket system.

Q: Can I change the base IP of the server?
A: The base IP of the server can’t be replaced. You can order additional IP, or move to a new server.

Q: How can I expand the storage space on Virtual Hosting, and how much does it cost?
A: Expansion of disk space/quota of domains for Virtual Hosting is possible by transfer to a higher tariff. To move to a higher tariff you will need to replenish the balance with the difference of prices of tariffs and open a ticket with the request of tariff increases. For example, if you have DpA tariff, and you want to move to DpB, you need to replenish the balance with $5. If you use a tariff 2pA, and you need 2pB, you replenish the balance with $10. In packages from 2+2 to 12 +12 even if you need an extension of quotas on only one of the accounts, you have to transfer to a higher tariff whole hosting package.

Q: Can I order a server with basic administration, but without the control panel, since I do not need it?
A: If you need our help in adding to the server domain/mail/ftp-accounts/mysql-databases, backups, or in the implementation of transfers, it is possible only when installed one of the control panels to the server during installation of the server: - DirectAdmin $15/mon - Webmin+Virtualmin free - ISPManager free The control panel will considerably simplify and speed up adding the domain / mail / ftp-accounts / mysql-databases and will greatly facilitate transfeing of data. If you are totally against the installation of any control panel can offer you server without administration. On unmanaged servers You can expect support for the following cases: - hardware issues - network issues (DC level) - reload without data save - reboot Involvement of our experts to resolve other issues will cost $35 per hour. Minimum - 1 hour. In case of denial of a control panel, the server will provided without administration.

Q: Do you help in moving to dedicated servers without base management?
A: We perform transfers to dedicated servers only if the server is purchased with the base administration. By purchasing a server with basic administration refusal of base administration service is possible not earlier than 6 months after the beginning of the use of this service. Refusal of basic administration is possible via the reload of server with data loss.

Q: Do you provide a VPN services?
A: We don’t provide VPN services as an independent service. You can order any of tariff of VPS or dedicated server, and we will raise VPN on it, or you can use the VPN-services of our partners

Q: What’s number of IP-addresses is available with dedicated servers?
A: The number of IP-addresses which provides in the packet with dedicated servers depends on the DC and its locations. For more accurate information about of number of IPs, conditions and the cost of acquisition of additional IP-addresses in a specific DC, please open a ticket in our ticketing system, and our specialists will provide you with a complete and current information.

Q: Can I order IP-addresses on different subnets to dedicated server?
A: DC provides IP-addresses from unused subnets available in a rack with a specific server. For some servers is possible to order a certain amount of IP-addresses from the subnet different from the base one, but mostly IP-addressees provides from the same subnet, more accurate information specify at our consultants.

Q: Do you have servers with instant activation?
A: We haven’t servers with instant activation, as before issuing the server we performs compulsorytesting hardware of servers. The list of available servers of rapid activation you can find on

Q: What is the average time of setup of a dedicated server?
A: Setup of the server usually it takes from 1 to 5 days. Servers with rapid activation installs from several hours to one days (depending on the time of checking of hardware). The list of available servers of rapid activation you can find on


Q: Is your hosting resistant to complaints?
A: No, our hosting service isn’t complaints resistant.

Q: How do you attitude to complaints on Virtual Hosting? How long can you tolerate a complaint for this type of hosting.
A: Complaints of any kind on a virtual hosting is strictly prohibited. In the case of receive the first complaint, the hosting will be blocked. In the case of a critical complaint (Chilporn, CP like, SPAM, Hacking, Phishing and similar) account will be canceled.

Q: Can I host video websites and adult websites on your virtual hosting?
A: Due to the fact that these theme of websites generate a large number of complaints that are not allowed on virtual hosting, we recommend host such websites on a dedicated IP, that is VPS and dedicated servers. The rules of our hosting you can find on the link

Q: To my dedicated server came a complaint from Roskomnadzor. What action should I take?
A: These complaints usually have informational nature, that is report that your domain (and possibly IP-address) is blocked for users in the Russian Federation. If this fact does not bother you, then you are not required to take any action, if the audience of the Russian Federation is important to you, you should contact the Roskomnadzor to resolve the issue, then unsubscribe in ticket of the results.

Q: If the copyright holder will send the complaint, you will block website, or not? Do you forwarding the complaint to the customer?
A: When we receiving complaint, we are making a ticket and notifies the client to all contacts listed in the client profile that we received complaint to his server. If the website located on Virtual Hosting, the account will be blocked, because on virtual hosting complaint inadmissible. If a complaint comes to VPS or dedicated server, it is usually given 24 hours to resolve the issue.