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Cheap CDN flexible solution for video-streaming


OwnCDN is a scalable, flexible solution for streaming that is suitable for both low-traffic and high-traffic resources. The platform is great for delivering any static content (video, images, archives, etc.) and is already used by our customers for:
  • - online cinema (hls, mp4, flv , etc.)
  • - learning platforms
  • - photo stocks (jpg, png, bmp, tiff , cr2 ,etc.)
  • - live streaming (VOD)
  • - file sharing (zip, 7z, rar, etc.)



The platform builds based on client’s servers ordered from us. Previously, we assess the resources necessary for the client, growth trends, locations. Since we have Kubernetes® in the asset, in addition to BareMetal, it's easy to connect VPS/Cloud solutions to the scheme.


Flexible system, based on weights system allows us to connect servers with different ports in the scheme, and even with limited traffic (the platform allows to disable servers from the distribution in time, or connect these servers only in peak loads). For your convenience, the system provides loading bandwidth graphs.


The platform can be built with or without storage. Storage builds based on Ceph® or Gluster®, depends on your resource requirements. If you have a storage that can provide access to content properly, then it is possible to build a platform only for distribution (caches, hot content).


In the scheme for video resources can be added a converter. We recommend GPU servers, which ensures lightning-fast content conversion. The characteristics of the converter selects individually for each customer and can be changed at your request. Supported output formats - mp4, flv, hls. To speed up the processing of queues, we can offer a horizontally scalable converter. In addition to processing video for publication, the converter can "cut" previews, timelines, posters.


Different technologies are used for load balancing (depends on the Data Center in which the platform is being built, for Multi DC uses DNS balancing, for some DCs it is possible to use balancing based on AnyCast technology). The most convenient way is DNS balancing, which can be built on your servers/vps or can be used third-party providers solutions, such as AWS Route53.


  • - Using content from third-party servers
  • - Caching (including resetting the cache)
  • - Support KVS (Kernel Video Sharing)
  • - Support wordpress
  • - Support smartcj
  • - Secure links
  • - GEO
  • - Https (LetsEncrypt)
  • - Lock countries on request
  • - Statistics
  • - The platform of any complexity
  • - Custom solutions
  • - Bandwidth on demand new

Bandwidth on demand new

We are glad to inform you that for OwnCDN customers we can offer bandwidth on demand in 24 * locations worldwide with postpaid consumption.


Our offer is one of the most profitable in the market. The cost includes a one-time payment setup/installation of each server, a monthly symbolic payment for support (maintenance, support, updade, upgrade) and the cost of the servers and VPS necessary for management, balancing, monitoring.