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Server administration packages for administration of servers

Customer Support is provided via the ticket system. If necessary, staff can communicate with the client in other ways (Skype, Telegram).

All servers, by default, are provided unmanaged and include technical support in the following cases:

  • initial hardware check and installation of a standard version of the OS and control panel
  • solving hardware problems
  • network problems at the data center level
  • OS reinstallation with data loss
  • reboot

All other issues can be resolved by technical specialists cooperating with us on a paid basis:

  • installation/update/upgrade/maintenance of server and/or client software
  • creating domains/databases/crons, etc.
  • cleaning the server from the consequences of hacking
  • preparation and planning for replacement of disks/RAM/other components in case of failure

Administration packages:

  • Support Mini - $15 - up to 30 minutes. Performing one task on one service, the solution of which does not require more than 30 minutes.
  • Support Standard - $30 - 1 hour, in case of excess, each subsequent hour is $20. Performing tasks on 1 server within one ticket.
  • Support Busy - $80 - 10 hours, in case of exceeding, each subsequent hour is $15. Performing large-scale tasks on 1-3 servers.

Welcome Bonus: Free transfer to our services from third-party hosting providers.

Technical support is provided through tickets, where standard technical problems will be resolved. The possibilities and conditions for the development, implementation, and maintenance of custom solutions can be discussed separately in each specific case with a technical specialist.

VPS/Smart Servers administration

The installation of the control panel is a requirement.
At your choice, we can install one of the panels:
  • commercial DirectAdmin
  • commercial ISPManager
  • free Webmin+Virtualmin
  • free VestaCP
Technical support is provided only through tickets and includes solving standard technical problems, for example:
  • installation/upgrade of server and client software
  • assistance in creating domains/databases/crons is provided only as advisory, due to the availability of manuals and instructions
  • eliminating the causes of complaints
Each VPS, regardless of the tariff, includes no more than 30 minutes of free technical support per month.