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Speed up the your website with CDN

Typical page of website is a small amount of html code (usually dynamically generated on a server using php or any other programming language), from that code is carried out loading of set of static files such as images, javascript, CSS, etc. If a website visitor is close to hosting where the website is located then it is not a problem. However, if the audience of the website is geographically scattered, visitors from distant locations will be waiting for a full load of website a little longer, which means a decrease in conversion.
There are many CDN (Content Delivery Network) services to solve this problem. They provide the fastest loading of static content due to worldwide placement of distributing servers.

There are many CDN services of different levels and in different price ranges. We offer two options:
1. Classic CDN of the famous company Leaseweb, which can be connected to arbitrary hosting. Price depends on the amout of traffic and storage facility. The basic package costs $59 and includes 2TB of traffic, 2GB of storage, 20 million HTTP requests, 2 million HTTPS requests and up to 2000 API requests.
2. Budgetary variant from no less famous company OVH. With VPS or dedicated server leased from OVH, you can connect CDN for a very affordable price as $ 13 for 1TB traffic. For a consultation or to order services, please create a ticket and we will be pleased to help you.