Hosting in more than 40 location around the world with support 24x7

Fast and reliable cloud servers with SSD disks and unlimited transfer


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Cloud suitable for any needs except mailing lists because 25/tcp port is closed by default.
Cheap, but not reliable service
Services are available unmanaged only
Take care of backups by yourself, in case of disk failure, data cannot be recovered

Located in Netherlands and France
OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian

Enterprise Cloud with reasonable price

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Available OS

Windows Server

Why people choose us

Wide range of data centers in more than 40 location around the world

You are always close to the customers. Choose the location you need from more than 40 positions. For the needs of SEO choose a IP of relevant location. More...

Flexible support system

Unmanaged - We solve all the problems with the hardware of the server and network problems on the DC level. Managed — 24/7/365 support from $10 per month. The package includes 8 hours of our support per month. Individual - We solve any non-standard problem from $35 per hour More...

Servers «health» monitoring

We track every component of client servers for managed and full access to the system on request for unmanaged. Expeditiously and without additional requests react in the case of critical values in monitoring. More...

Packages for SEO-masters

Includes from 4 to 24 virtual hosting accounts located in different locations. Includes from 4 to 24 virtual hosting accounts located in different locations. It will allow to place from 40 to 3600 websites for price from 0,25$ to 0,10$ per month for each domain. Sign in to each account without your login and password by clicking from client area.

Reverse proxy

This service allows you to work with websites on a single server, and 'distribute' them from different geographical locations. Create an array of websites with unique IP. More...

Free SSL certificate

Customers of our hosting will be able to order a SSL-certificate for free. All virtual hosting packages are provided with certificate by default. For virtual and dedicated servers you can request a free certificate. More...

Free DDoS protection*

Choose a tariff with DDOS-attacks protection included in the package. Includes pre hide real IP service from malicious users. If required we will set up CloudFlare or solutions from other developers. More...