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Solutions for SEO

Controversy about the rules of placement of links (relink) take place since the emergence of the concept of "search engine optimization " (SEO) .When you select hosting for placing the satellites there are different views: whether to use the hosting with one IP, with a different IP on the same subnets or with different IP on different subnets\networks of one owner, etc. Everything reduces to a simple question: What do you think, how perceive a search engine (SE) that 30-60-90% of links going from one IP, from different IPs on the same subnets or with different IP of different subnets\networks one owner? The answer is obvious ... What to do? Possible solutions - placing sites on IPs of different networks of different owners, that is, in different data centers or through proxy sites frontends located in different data centers. We can offer both options.

Hosting packages X+X

Do you need a platform for placing satellites in different countries and data centers? We can offer you a specially developed virtual hosting packages. From 4 to 24 locations in the package! All accounts are on different servers in different data centers, they have different IPs, and owners of these IPs are also different. You can choose the different regions and countries. Webmasters who understand what is relink, will be able to appreciate the benefits of this package and get the maximum benefit for themselves. For your comfort, you can go to the web hosting control panel on each account without a password from your office. You can find the tariffs and order hosting here: 2+2, 4+4, 6+6, 8+8, 12+12

Reverse proxy

Especially for SEO professionals, we have developed a unique tool. Renting a dedicated server with us, you can activate the reverse proxy. Through this, your websites hosted on the same server, will be seen from the outside as if located in different data centers/countries/cities of your choice. The cost of each additional IP is $2/month. Our clients who rent our VPS or dedicated server, can request this service through the Ticket .